Water and Air pollution

Water pollution causes when destructive substances regularly synthetic chemicals or microorganisms contaminate a stream, river, lake, sea, ocean, or different waterbodies, corrupting water quality and rendering it harmful to people or the earth. Air contamination can be normal or man-made, however, it's the man-made poisons that are the most dangerous, like ozone-harming substances that add to an unnatural weather change and the demolition of the ozone. Carbon dioxide is one of the most noticeably bad air poisons, it's, for the most part, discharged from power plants, autos, planes and different vehicles and originates from copying petroleum products.

  • Water resources and pollutants
  • Oxygen demand
  • Pollutant transport
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Pollution modelling
  • Pollution control
  • Air pollution and meteorology

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